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Download Facebook Lite Apk: Hey posse…..!! Are you having a poor network connection, due to which you are unable to access your facebook with a high speed? Is it difficult to check your facebook messages without a Messenger app on your device? Then come on and try  “Facebook Lite Apk“. Here in this article, I will mainly concentrate on “How to get facebook lite latest version apk download on Android, Java, Blackberry, Nokia Asha“.

A Small Description about the Facebook Lite Apk App:

FacebookLite is an app or simply can be said as a ‘twin sister’ to Facebook app. It is very tiny in size when compared to facebook, and doesn’t need a Messenger app to send and view your messages. By the name itself, it can be described that this FacebookLite is much lighter than original Facebook in many aspects. It just looks like facebook in appearance and even in activities carried out in it like updates, send and receive messages (without the use of an external messenger app).

  • Note: “Facebook Lite Apk” is really lite to use but it is never felt late in the matter of features. Every link you access from facebook lite takes you outside the app since it is not an in-app.

Facebook Lite Apk App technical Info:

  • Name of app: Facebook Lite App
  • App size: 1.08MB
  • Developer: Facebook
  • Latest version:
  • Last updated: 4 January 2017
  • Downloads: 7,10,789
  • Compatibility: Android 2.3 or higher

How to Download Facebook Lite Apk Latest Version on Android or Tablet Without Root:

Though this Facebook Lite Apk is very tiny in size when compared to facebook it is more helpful in experiencing facebook faster. So folks…! Do you want to check it over..? just click on the link I mention here so that you can download the latest version of this app. Let’s start our discussion towards Facebook Lite app Download Procedure and steps to install Facebook Lite Apk App on Android Tablet. If you are facing with low internet speed then Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android or Jave Mobiles. You can also Download Facebook Lite App in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Facebook Lite For PC also available.

Facebook Lite Apk Latest version link:

Facebook Lite_26.

  1. Click on the link above and enable permissions on your device to download the Facebook Lite Apk.
  2. Tap on “OK“.
  3. Click on open to going through the downloaded Facebook Lite Apk App.

Interesting Features of the Facebook Lite Apk App:

  • Quick to install since its small in size and occupies less storage space.
  • Works well even on 2G speed
  • Doesn’t need any Messenger app to read and reply to your messages.
  • Can post your photos, status; and even can react to your friends post just like as you do on facebook.
  • The battery life is not at all at risk by the usage of this app.

How to Install Facebook Messenger Lite App Apk For Android and Java:

After downloading to install Facebook Lite Apk on Android device, enable permissions on your device by tapping on allow “Unknown Resources“.  Then follow the below steps.


  1. Click “Next” and “Next” for few times until you get the install option. After that click on the “Install“.


  1. Wait till installation process is completed.
  2. After the completion of installation.


  1. Now do facebook lite Apk login using your facebook account.

This app just looks like facebook but it makes a lot of difference in each and every aspect example consider its space as I mentioned above its size is very tiny when compared to original facebook app but it consists of all features facebook contains. Let’s have a demo on how it looks like. Now I’m going to share my facebook like wall after logging into it

  1.  It consists of the newsfeed, messages, friend requests, notifications and search columns as in facebook.
  2. This app has even the options column at the top right corner as we do have in facebook3. Therefore we have maximum all the features that can help us experience facebook app in a more lite weighted manner which is available to us in with such a small storage space and highly accessible even with the 2G net.4. If you want to log in with another account click on “log in to another account”

Facebook Lite Apk Conclusion:

So here by what I say is don’t be worried if your device is not supportive to the high-speed internet or if it is having less storage space. Just install FacebookLite on your device to experience Facebook in a more convenient manner. Though there are even some drawbacks in it with accessing video and audio, FacebookLite with its features is really awesome.

Experience will make you feel realistic rather than share others experience….so what I want you to do is just give it a try by downloading FacebookLite on your device, I’m sure you will be glad to use it rather than Facebook. Even though there are certain issues which are not up to satisfaction Facebook developers are working on it to fix the issues. So don’t worry and stay tuned for upcoming updates in this app.

So guys if you find this article useful and helpful then like and share among your friends and even make them know about Facebook Lite Apk. If any queries you can comment below. Finally, this article is all about “Free Install & Download Latest Version Facebook Lite Apk on Android or Tablet Without Root“. Thank’s for visiting, for more updates visit back to AndroidFuzz.

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