How to Fix Pokemon Go Not Working/Stopped Working, Crashed While Starting Errors

How to fix Pokemon Go problems????

Pokémon Go has changed the playing style of the player. No doubt to say it is a revolutionary app which made many of users to move from one place to another place, who usually will not be moving, this app makes them walk and provides good health to the users. You can also read my Previous article to Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android bugs Fixed.

  • Caution: But we should be cautious while searching for wild Pokemon’s since they are found mostly which made many of users to move from one place to another place, who usually will not be moving, this app makes them walk and provides good health to the users. But we should be cautious while searching for wild Pokemon’s since they are found mostly the crowded area there are chances for accidents hence be cautious and enjoy the game.

Fix Pokemon Go Unfortunately has stopped menu, Stopped on the tablet, Stopped working android:

Unfortunately, this game have some glitches and in this article, you are going, to read how to overcome few of those, it will be very frustrating when we see the app goes crash, not responding or malfunctioning. Pokemon Go users are facing many problems like Pokemon go keeps closing/Not Working/Stopped Working, Pokemon Go Crashed while opening, Pokemon error gym battle, error when fighting gym, unable to authenticate google account, gym error message, failed to login try a different account, network error gym, unable to authenticate Pokemon Go.

Recently there are More searches increasing in the Google regarding the usage of the Pokémon Go app Most of the people are suffering from these types of errors namely “How to Fix Pokemon Go app crash while starting”, “How to Fix Pokemon Go app crash due to server error while playing”. Here in this article, I am going to show you how to fix Pokemon Go errors.

How to fix Pokémon Go app crash while starting?

Have you ever face or experiences Pokémon Go app crash problem on your smartphone while opening the game? It is so because the Pokémon Go server is busy and your device is not able to connect to the server. If you the Pokémon Go ball on the top left corner spinning while opening, it means that your device is attempting to make a connection with the Pokémon Go server. This is so because this game has a number of users than the estimated number of users by the game development team hence they failed to provide service to all the users. We hope that the number of the server be increased shortly to erase this use. We cannot do anything about this issue.

How to fix Pokémon Go app crash due to server error while playing?

While playing the game if you see a popup message saying that unfortunately Pokémon Go has stopped, you can try the below methods to Fix Pokemon Go error.

#Step 1 🙂 Force the app to quit and then try to log in again. For better result, wait for few minutes and try to login to the Pokémon Go game.

#Step 2 🙂 If the app is not at all opening, then try to restart your device. If you still cannot open the app, uninstall the app and install the app, don’t worry about your previous session they will be saved in the cloud so they can be updated from time to time. After reinstalling also if you are not able to open the app then it must be a server problem.

#Step 3 🙂 If you have received a message “server unavailable please try after some time” then go to the GPS settings and turn it off.

#Step 4 🙂 Now try to open the game. Once the opened now enable the location.

Make sure whether your mobile is compactable with the game.

  • Even though your device is an android one if it lower than kit Kat version then you may have a problem too.
  • It is apter for smartphones than tablets.
  • It is not compactable with the devices which are having Intel atom processors Your device must have GPS option if not strong Wi-Fi range.
  • It is most suitable for android devices which are having 2 GB ram and version above kit Kat.

Clear cache data to avoid misbehave of smartphone

  1. Open menu.
  2. Navigate to settings.
  3. Scroll/swipe the mobile to find APPS subhead, now tap on it.
  4. Now select the app which you want, and tap on it.
  5. Now select clear cache or clear data.


Battery draining problem

Since the game contains rich graphs and also uses GPS and the internet it consumes more energy, so the steps to save your battery is

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen
  • Go to battery saver mode
  • Carry additional power source.

Thank you, readers, for your patience for reading this article. Finally, I covered the article on How to Fix Pokemon Go Errors like “How to fix Pokemon go GPS, keeps closing, crashing on startup, won’t open, keeps crashing android, failed to login, crashes on startup“. Will be right back with the new article stay tuned to now the recent apps installation, usage and problem fix solutions.

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